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Island Facts:

Island Size: • Length 0.280 km (0.174 mi) • Width 0.250 km (0.155 mi)
Island Population: 984 (including foreigners)
Distance from International Airport: 117.85 km
By Boat from Male': around 8hrs (overnight travel) & is cheapest means of transport available
By Speedboat from Male': around 3 hours
By Domestic flight: NA

Island Description

Discover true Maldivian lifestyle & culture. Discover the local people and how they live. Talk to the friendly people, join them in cafes & talk about lifestyle of the people & tradition, about food or enjoy taking photos or walking through the island.

You can simply relax on the beach under shades of the trees, read a book, watch Sunrise and Sunset & listen to sound of sea breeze or waves that will refresh your mind. Enjoy snorkeling, sun tanning, fishing on the beach & then make own BBQ. Fishing lines & hooks are available to buy from local shops at minimal price.

In the island you can find some Shops where you can buy soft drinks, biscuits & also there are few local Cafe's from where you can enjoy local & some Int’l dishes at low price. Also you can enjoy eating Hedhi-ka, which is local short eats which the cafes serve at low price including Coffee, tea varieties of juices.

Do not forget to bring your own snorkeling gears & suntanning lotions though they are available to buy from local shops. Water Sports facilities & Diving facilities are available for rent from some of the Guest Houses. It is advisable to check type of water sports facilities available at the time of booking.

There are Accommodation providers in the island like Guest Houses where they serve Full Board meals – Asian, Continental, European, Sea Food and they do arrange, fishing trips, Excursions trips, Snorkeling trips and Diving.

During the festive periods like Eid, Celebration Independent day holiday period, Republic day holiday period, school holidays & during new year period most of the islands will celebrate special traditional dance, sports, live-music; traditional dances, cooking traditional local foods. If you plan to make holiday during any of the Festive Period, it is advisable to check in advance any special events scheduled in the island during the special holiday period.

Accomodations to Book

Transportation to Choose

Speed Boat

Speed Boat

Speed Boat is a little fast mode of travel to the island. Equipped with L-Jackets. A small bottle of Water & vomiting bag will be provided on board

Cargo Ferry Boat

Cargo Ferry Boat

For budget traveler’s cheapest way is by Fiber-Boats (Cargo-Ferry). Strong to sea wt L-Jackets. It is adventure & for couples it can be a rom- journey as it travel thru atolls - enjoy watching mnight waves, sunrise n morning mist. Boat provides sleeping area in gen-compart where fan or AC fixed. Some serve free Local food wt free juice/coffee. Do pack S/drinks, water bot n biscuits to add joy n energy. Rem to bring anti-vomit tab incase