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Dhathuruadvisor is a website dedicated to Guest House owners & Home Stay owners in Local Islands enable them to PR & get sales to their properties. The purpose is to Develop & Drive international & domestic tourism to local islands, to nourish tourism in Local islands. The site is about flourishing Home Stay and Guest House tourism sector in Maldives by encouraging foreign tourists and Maldivians to travel and explore the beautiful local islands  

Inaddition, the purpose of the website is to connect the local islands in one single platform; give as much as possible information’s about the Local islands, locations, how to travel and where to stay so that holiday makers can plan their next holiday trips to spend their holiday in a beautiful local island. Whether it is the school holidays, or it is the EID Holidays, summer holidays or New Year, with the information’s provided in this website, clients will be able to plan holidays ahead in time to book a holiday in a beautiful local island in Maldives.  

Dhathuruadvisor is a "ONE STOP" website to find plenty of information about Local Island holidays, about the islands & about the properties. Part of the enjoyment of travel is experiencing local culture, learning how others live in the local islands. Understanding through, the differences we have and tasting different type of local foods. Each and every island is unique in its environment and how people live in different atolls are a great experience to discover.

Property owners can feature their properties free in Dhathuruadvisor website which will add extra PR and will increase sales to their properties; to make their property popular locally and internationally, thus will become popular among local travelers, international travelers and among Travel Agents around the globe who may show interest to sell Home Stay Holidays and Local Island holidays to Maldives. In addition, the information provided in this website will assist to attract & switch the budget travelers segment to Maldives too. If you own and run a Guest House or Home Stay  Accommodation facility and if you are interested to feature your property in Dhathuruadvisor, please e-mail us info & photos. Remember, to feature your property is free.


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