Discover People and Living

The people of Maldives are kind-hearted and helpful; they are family oriented and have successfully adapted modern lifestyles without compromising on their traditions. When you visit a Maldivian home, you will be greeted with delicious snacks with glass of juice or coconut drink. The traditional attire of Maldives consists of ‘libaas’ for women and ‘sarongs’ for men.

Food in Daily Life. Rice and fish are the staple foods. Fish is the most important source of protein in the average diet. Now a days vegetables are eaten in the form of salad or in the form of curries to mix with rice. Betel leaf with areca-nut, cloves, and lime, known as "dhufaa ehchehi" is chewed after meals. Beef & Chicken are eaten on special occasions. Import and use of alcohol is not permitted in local islands, including Capital city, Male’

Other than information given above there are lots of things to explore in a local island, People, Culture, food, environment etc. We leave up to you to explore.